i think remus is the type of person that isnt extremely, slap you in the face, let me trip myself and accidentally fall on your dick, hot. I think he was more of a handsome.

Like Sirius and James were hot.

Hot like damn son.

Hot like is there an ocean in my pants because shit.

But Remus was…

Oh my god, this is so true. I mean, I’ve always think about Remus just like that. The nice kid that, when smiles, the whole world is with light. He have a sun inside of his laugh

Little Infinities

Para mí, Bajo la Misma Estrella es una de las más grandes obras maestras; no sólo por que es romántica, sino que también por las lección es de vida que tiene. Por ejemplo, la principal, que es vivir la vida porque sólo tenemos una, sólo se puede vivir una vez, y no dejar que los obstáculos que nos ponen nos venzan.

For me, The Fault in Our Stars is uno of the most biggest masterpieces; not just because of its romanticism, also because ir has lots of life lessons. For example, the principal one, that we have to live our life because we only have one, ‘cause we only live once, and we should not let obstacles to overcome us.